Colors of Lake Eyre Australia

In 2019 a rare natural wonder appeared, as water slowly covered about three-quarters of the lakes surface. Typically, it fills that much only a few times per century; this most recently happened in 1974 and 1950. The water transforms the lakes parched and salty interior into a thriving ecosystem, with water birds arriving from across the globe and colorful algae painting unique canvas of blue, white, red, yellow and pink.

New aerial series "Tropial Reefs"

Shooting the unique reef systems in our oceans from above has always been one of my dreams.

These systems are the most diverse marine ecosystems on earth, giving shelter to thousands of animal species. Many millions of people depend on fisheries, tourism and coastal protection provided by healthy coral reefs.

Yet today, coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate. Coral bleaching is caused by rising water temperatures which, when severe, kills the coral.

My images show the beauty of these amazing coral and algae systems. I hope they remind all that what we do on land impacts our oceans.

Sunset at the dunes

For a short time at sunrise and sunset dune formations creating deep and long shadows and the color of the sand turns into a glowing orange.

New Aerial Work Online

The “Tidal Patterns” series shows coastal wetlands which are formed in areas where there is a sufficient supply of fine-grained sediment and tides dominate over other hydrodynamic forces.

These photos were taken at very low tide from a small helicopter.

New prints

I'm constantly filling up the shop with some new artworks. Hope you find the right one for you!

New project online

"Australian Salt" is an aerial photography series. The images were taken from a small plane with rear doors removed.

New aerials

Have a look at my new aerial series with photos from northern Norway